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Al Ahlam Marine offers a variety of Sea trips and boat rentals

Jabal Allith Island

WWe organize sea trips to Jabal Al Lith to enjoy the coral reefs, and the unique views in this area and Jabal Allith Island is an island that extends on the coast of the Al-Leith Governorate of the Makkah Al-Mukarramah region, the island is located in the Red Sea, and it consists of a main island represented in Jabal Allith Island, followed by twelve small islands, about 11.50 nautical miles from Al-Leith, and it is distinguished by its clear waters. And with a natural landscape, and abundant in rare fish and coral reefs, and an area of 4 km2.

Diving Trips

AAl Ahlam Marine tourism Company provides through its diving department Organizing and equipping sea trips for the groups with all necessary for long diving trips and liveaboard A variety of equipped and customized yachts are available through the company, with professional staff and trained divers. And you can contact the diving department to arrange your trip without any trouble from you.

Short Cruises

YYou can enjoy a short cruise for enjoying the marine atmospheres Through a group of small boats, Customer can board one of them, The boat can accommodate 9 person, and at a standard rental price for the boat . half-hour for 275 riyals and an hour for 400 riyals, it is not required that the customer resides in the resort