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Activities in Allith

Al-Ain Al-Hara (Bani Yazid)

AAl-Ain Al-Hara spring is a hot water spring that contains hot sulfur materials, and from the greatness of God – Glory be to Him – in that this water comes out from the ground from several springs in the region through the rocks that form the terrain of the center of Bani Yazid, and this water continues to flow and flow from its source And it goes towards the valleys, where it remains hot during its flow and for long distances. This spring has very hot water, and as it is said: If a camel falls into it, it will ripen from its extreme heat. A river whose water flows with the waters of the spring, so it reduces its temperature. However, the beauty of nature met, as it is surrounded by mountains and embraced by Sidr and Arak trees. Note that this spring is considered its water as a cure for many diseases, such as: diseases of old age, skin allergies, back pain and bones.

It is located south of the Hijaz, 48 km east of Al-Laith Governorate, which is affiliated with the Bani Yazid Center. coastal.

Wadi Allith

AWadi Al-Laith is a valley located in the east of Al-Laith Governorate of the Makkah Al-Mukarramah region.

  • Wadi zara
  • Wadi Tasha’a
  • Wadi Ruqayyah
  • Wadi Slabh
  • Wadi Arush
  • Wadi gold
  • Wadi swamp
  • Valley of Atana
  • Wadi Karzam
  • Wadi Thil
  • Wadi Falah
  • Wadi Maqsah
  • Wadi Azman
  • Wadi Al-Matrak
  • Wadi gentlemen

It is 35 km from the resort

Wadi Dahab

WWadi Dahab is suitable for lovers of hiking and mountain hunting, and there is an extension of the waterfall on both sides of the mountains, and in the middle is the spring of the waterfall for swimming, and it is 70 km from the resort.

Sirin City

AThe ancient city of Al-Sarin is considered one of the tourist areas in the ancient historical Al-Lith. Its history goes back to pre-Islamic times. It is one of the famous tourist attractions in the governorate, which is frequented by many visitors throughout the year, especially history and scientific research enthusiasts. The city includes many archaeological inscriptions, and antique heritage monuments through which you can learn about the ancient history of the city. You can also wander around the old city lanes, and learn about its various heritage treasures. Moreover, it has the ancient port of Sirin. This city is one of the important archaeological sites in Al-Leith Governorate, which we advise you to visit.

The Islands

TThe marine islands, the most famous of them (the Marmara Island is famous for the habitat of turtles, seagulls and the green forest) Jabal Al-Laith is characterized by the nature of the mountains in the middle of the island.

Farm of horses

AA farm of horses, ostriches and fish farming, which is open to the public and is 5 minutes away from the resort.